We have had the pleasure of meeting some extraordinary people on our travels, people that have shown us unlimited kindness, offered hot showers, accommodation and great advice. With many thanks to:

Robbie and Jessica
Vancouver, BC
We shared lots of laughs and great food with hosts, Robbie and Jessica. They offered a place to stay for a few nights and showed us around Vancouver. Thanks for the great cycling advice.

Georg and Janet
Mission, BC
They took pity on us and let us camp in their backyard. Such a lovely couple who offered some wonderful conversation and food. Hope you like the bicycle drawing 🙂

The rock climbing instructor who stopped and gave us lift over the Coquihalla mountain range to Salmon Arm.

Jim, Christine and Clara
Vernon, BC
Welcomed us into their lives with open arms, took us wake-boarding, lent us their mountain bikes, cooked us dinner, the list goes on. We can’t say thanks enough. We miss your warm smiles.

Aaron, Laisha, Molly and Jonah
Vernon, BC
Showed us around town, took us out paddling on the lake and like most people in Vernon, opened their lives to us and made us feel like long lost friends. We miss hanging out with you guys.

Mike, Janet and Brent
Penticton, BC
What a fun couple of days spent with Mike, Janet, their cousin Brent and their dogs. Lots of laughs, great food and superb advise on riding Canada. See you guys down under!

Jack, Lynda and family
Mission, BC
We accidentally camped on their front yard (it was a big yard) and they were gracious in extending the welcome mat, complete with coffee and scrambled eggs in the morning.

Jerry and Debbie
Roberts Creek, BC
Warmshowers hosts who we met on the ferry traveling to the Sunshine Coast. They offered their amazing cabin and made us feel right at home.

Gil and Val
Fanny Bay, Vancouver Island
An amazingly warm and generous couple who we met in Mission and stayed with when we passed through Fanny Bay. They cooked us some amazing food, showed us around town and helped fix Tracey’s bike. It was a wonderful couple of days, thank you both so much.

Chris and Karen
Victoria, Vancouver Island
Warmshowers hosts who offered a warm, cosy place to stay for a few days.

We shared a few days cycling with Kevin through the Olympic Peninsula after meeting on the ferry from Victoria to Port Angeles.

Paul, Lena and Elo
Portland, Oregon
Man and Lady say a fond hello from the beaches in Mexico. We had such a great time in Portland, thanks so much for opening your home to us. We loved spending time with your beautiful family.

San Francisco, California
Thanks so much for showing us such a great time in San Fran. The bike party was a particular highlight, we had so much fun.

Matthias and Andrea
Various locations along the West Coast of the USA
Thanks to our German/Swiss cycling mates for the great times, picnic table physio sessions, rolling lessons and laughs. We hope life post cycling adventures is treating you well.

Sandra and Adeline
Various locations along the West Coast of the USA
Travelling down the coast with you Swedish cookies was awesome fun, we hope the East Coast isn’t to cold. We’ve being seeing Jesus a lot on our way down the coast, he says Hi. We also have to say a big thank you for having us stay with you in the Biel. What an amazing time we had with you guys. Come to Australia soon 🙂

Bud and PJ
Virginia City, Nevada
It was great to see you guys in Virginia City. Thanks for the beautiful meal, laughs and early breakfast.

Josh, Eric, Doug, Julie, Cass, Claire
San D, California
Thanks guys for showing us such a wonderful, brilliant, fantastic time in San Diego. It was so great to spend Christmas and New Years with you. We miss you! We miss the food! We miss the beer and WINE!!!!! xxxx

Gabino and family
San Quintin, Baja Mexico
Thanks so much for hosting us at you beautiful home. We had a wonderful time meeting your family and thanks for all your help and information.

Ellen, Roy, Dede, Terry and Pat
Mulegé, Baja Mexico
Thanks for helping us out with tips, tricks and a place to stay on our way down the Baja. It was great to meet you guys.

Mary and Robbie
It was so lovely of you both to invite us to stay with you in the villa. It was great to meet you. Thanks so much!

Glenda and family
La Paz, Baja Mexico
You’re an exceptionally amazing unique individual. Glenda opens her home hundreds of cyclist coming down the Baja each year offering a refuge for us weary travellers to regroup, refresh and recharge before hitting the road again. Glenda deserves numerous awards including a Nobel Peace Prize for being such an awesome individual.

Marko & Anja
I was wonderful spending some time with you in La Paz. Hope the rest of your cycle trip is most awesome 🙂

Mexican Drivers
A general shout out to the Mexican drivers who wave, honk, change lanes to pass us and give us the thumbs up on a daily basis. We love you.

Thanks for the great info on Cuba and the push up that hill.

Cuban Casa hosts
Made our trip wonderful.

Inaki and Marian
We had such a lovely stay in your beautiful apartment. Thanks for giving up your bed for us and for the great time in Madrid.

Carlos and Emma
Thanks so much for hosting us and showing us around. It was great!

Thanks for having us stay with you in Zaragoza.

Thanks for the great advise on cycling the Velo green-ways in France.

Thank you so much for your wonderful hospitality, it was so lovely to meet you.

Vincent and Celine
We enjoyed Paris so much and it wouldn’t have been possible without your amazing generosity and hospitality.

Many thanks to you, Stevo for being most awesome and letting us crash at your place for many a day. We can’t thank you enough. Oh, and thanks for the lend of the backpack 🙂

Denise and Oliver
What a way to end our trip! Great food, warm weather, amazing company and a personal tour of the Irish countryside. We raise a Guinness (or two) in your honour.

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  1. I have followed your trip with great interest (and a considerable amount of envy) since meeting you in Port Hueneme. Our only regret was that we didn’t get to spend more time with you upon you visit in Virginia City. Our wish is that our paths will cross again. Au Revoir, Bid and PJ

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