In 2013/14 we packed up our lives, stored our stuff and took off on a year-long cycle tour through the Americas and Europe. Our adventure saw us travel through Canada, North America, Mexico, Cuba, Spain, France, the UK and Ireland. On our return we decided to go our separate ways, returning to our own versions of “normality”, working, eating, sleeping and the routines of life in different cities.

The travel bug has bitten and we live with the ever present longing to do it all over again.

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  1. Hi, I found your blog through the GoBicycleTouring blog list. I curate the database of long distance cycle journeys, which lists those bike journeys over 10,000km (6,000 miles). You should totally be on there.

    It acts as both a record of such journeys, and a resource for others planning such trips.

    You can do this, and see previous entries and summary stats at http://www.thenextchallenge.org/ldcj.

    Hope to see your entry on there soon, and happy pedalling in the meantime.

    Laura (currently in Georgia, cycling from the UK to Australia)

  2. Dave & Tracy;
    Sorry we missed you. But we did have a great time in Cuba. In fact, the other couple we traveled with are on their way back again this year. Last year we restricted ourselves to two weeks and the western part of the island. It was all wonderful and there is nothing that we would “not” do again. However, there were a couple of great places that stood out. We rented a car and driver, there isn’t any reason you could not travel by bicycle if you wanted. All the roads have a “slow lane/shoulder” that is used by ox carts, tractors and other slower traffic. We stayed in Casa Particular’s (bed and breakfast) exclusively and recommend it highly. We used Canadian money, no credit cards, and USD were not exchanged at a good rate. Canadians are everywhere and they are comfortable with the Canadian Dollar. We did use some small denominations of USD for tips.

    My two favorite places were Old Havana and Playa Largo on the Bay of Pigs. Old Havana is pretty much tourists during the day, but after about 3:00 in the afternoon and ALL night it is a thriving community. Every bar has a salsa band, beer is cheap and a good time is had by all. We spent 4 total nights in Old Havana, some on the way in and some on the way out. Playa Larga is a quiet little Cuban beach town. Not to many tourists, good birding, beautiful beaches and very friendly folks. Our friends are going back there again this year for half of their one month stay.

    We made advance reservations through an individual that posts on Thorn Tree.com. There are actually several Cuban folks that post on Thorn Tree and you can hook up with any one of them to get the required first nights hotel address and anything else you might want in the way of support. We had absolutely no problems with customs of immigration. Only the US has a problem with Cuba, the Cubans do not have a problem with anyone that wishes to travel. During our baggage inspection they seemed to be looking for cell phones. Internet connections are very controlled, cell phones are very expensive to use. Be patient and polite and all will go fine.

    Hope you all have as much fun as we did!

    Terry and Pat Rahe Posada (Mulege BCS)

  3. Hi Pat and Terry,
    Thanks so much for all that great information. We’re really looking forward to getting there.
    It’s a shame we missed you, but we hope you’re enjoying the fine winter weather. 🙂

  4. Hi guys, do you have an email address I could contact you on?

    You just registered at our database (Long Distance Cycle Journeys, LDCJ) but there was a problem with some of the information and the email you entered didn’t work.

    Thanks and happy cycling!


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