San Sebastián

The Running of the Bulls festival in Pamplona is not high on my bucket list. I’ve never been a fan of any ‘sport’ where animals are tortured and killed for our entertainment. Luckily we’d arrived at the wrong time of the year to see it. I would, though, have liked to see the ‘running of the nudes’ – a PETA demonstration held the day before the running.

DSC06079 DSC06080

After a couple of days enjoying the amazing food, wine and nightlight that the city has to offer we peddled our way towards San Sebastián, some 90kms to the north. The pollen subsided and our hey fever abated. Small villages came and went and we enjoyed the rolling hills and spectacular scenery.

But dark clouds had been threatening all day and soon enough the rain was upon us. Trace stopped to put wet weather gear on while I decided to brave it with only a waterproof jacket. Riding in the rain is never fun; no matter how much you cover up or how good your gear is the rain aways finds a way in, eventually.

After a good 4 hours of solid rain we had had enough and started to look for a camp spot. A little further up the road a sign sported the words ‘Camping in 2kms’ and our spirits lifted. But arriving at the front gate we found the camp ground to be closed. We sat, slightly dejected, on the front step, ate some chocolate and wondered what to do as the rain poured and we shivered with cold.

The vacant basketball court next door started to look like a pretty good alternative. There didn’t seem to be anyone around so we snuck through the open gate, set up out tent and bunkered down for the night.


The next morning the rain continued. Putting on wet clothes must be one of the most uncomfortable feeling there is but by lunch we had made it to the coastal town of San Sebastián and the sun came out to warm our bones. In a park we spread out all our gear and ate lunch. Kids played basketball nearby while we waited for our gear to dry in the warm sunshine.

By Dave


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