The story of a water bottle making it’s way home

A change of pace, a change of continent.

Sometimes little things line up in a nice bit of synchronicity that makes you smile.

Leaving Australia I packed a 600ml water bottle I’d picked up off the side of the road from the Scottish road cycling team while covering the 2010 Commonwealth Games in India. The Commonwealth Games is a little/big sporting event where the countries of the great and glorious Commonwealth of Nations can lick their pride and their wounds after the Olympic Games.


The bottle was the only one I could fit in my bottom cage because my bike frame is so small. It travelled through Canada and the US without incident, happily getting covered in dust and rattling away close to the ground for the first 4 months of our trip.


I wasn’t expecting to be able to cover the 2014 Commonwealth Games as a photographer because of my sabbatical and was surprised when I was invited to be part of the team travelling to Glasgow, Scotland for the 2014 event.

This changed our travel plans dramatically and instead of continuing on to South America after Cuba we jumped across to Spain to cycle through France finishing our marvellous adventures in the UK.

So this little bottle is funnily enough making its way home to Scotland and maybe even to see the hands that threw it asunder in the first place.

Trace 😉


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