Back to the future

Leaving the airport we got lost and ended up on the multilane Autopitsa (not the only time in our travels through Spain) which was off limits to bikes.


Cars quietly drifted past us at what seemed like the speed of light while we searched for a way off the major highway and into the heart of Madrid. My traitor capitalist heart leapt as we passed colourful advertising for fast food and electronics stores. We’d arrived back to the distant future where the choices are plentiful and everything is shiny and new.


We spent 6 days binging on galleries and museums from Michelangelo to Pixar taking our time to soak up the culture of Madrid. Our wonderful warm showers hosts, firstly Inaki and Marian and then Carlos and Emma, showed us the town, gave us great advice on cycling routes and allowed us to keep them up late every night chatting.


We got over our jet lag and got ourselves ready for the ride to Barcelona.


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